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Making sure you own your Digital Music

Yahoo announced the shutdown of its Yahoo music last week and with that exposed some of the problems of Digital Rights Management software. DRM as it is known is designed to impose controls on how you use digital content over and above those currently imposed by standard copyright law.

These controls can have to unintended effect of removing some of the rights you should be entitled to. There are several locations that Irish users can obtain DRM free music,

  • Napster : The site that kicked off the whole music sharing problem is now legal and DRM free
  • 7Digital : The Warner Bros music collection
  • Amazon : (for US users currently, but hopefully the rest of us someday
  • : A new irish site for music users with a large collection of online music

To strip off Apple’s DRM simply following their instructions for making a CD, and then import that CD again. Make can turn up the audio quality on the Preferences panel for importing in iTunes.

Engadget has all the good juice on how to get your Music of your iPod if you’ve lost your original iTunes library or PC/Mac storage device.