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Archos Personal DVR – Not quite Soup

Archos 705 WIFI Personal Video Player

I looked at the Archos 705 WIFI Personal Video Player today. Bit of breach of the trades descriptions act their, it barely does WIFI and kept dropping my home network (in a location where my Sony VAIO Laptop happily gets a full signal).

There’s worse to come though, it won’t play any video format files without buying another piece of software, the DVD plugin which will cost you another 20 euros on top of the 360+ euros you dropped to buy the player in the first place. Its like buying an iPod and having to shell out more money to listen to music. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous hoops you have to go through to give them your money, including entering two weird keys and making sure to pick the right model number.

Consumer electronics must succeed on three counts,

  • Save you time or save you money
  • Win on usability and convenience
  • Do what they say on the box

The Archos WIFI Personal Video Player is an Epic Fail on all three counts.

Picasa Will Group your Images

A new feature soon to be launched on Picasa Web Albums (The Google photo sharing service) will group your photos based on the image contents.

Robot Skeleton helps paralysed Walk

Amazing technology to help people paralysed from the waist down walk with with aid of a robotic frame that the user straps into. We are designed to be upright and this device removes the problems associated with wheel chair use