Three and loudervoice gadget review competition




Three are offering 4 great phones and Klipsch are matching them with a super set of headphones. These are the as a prizes over the next four weeks for the best gadget review.  Gadget reviews can be submitted by SMS or directly on the website. Phones will be awarded each week on the The Right Hook Technology Slot at 6.30pm.

The phones on offer are,

The Sony Ericsson C902


The Sony Ericsson w880i


The Samsung Tocco


The LG Renoir


sAT4FREE launches in Ireland

Dave Merren from sat4free sat in today to introduce a new free to air satellite service tailored to the Irish market. Details below,

  • Irelands newest subscription-free digital TV and Radio Satellite service.

  • Launched 21st of October 2008.

  • 100 free-to-air and Radio channels including High Definition (HD).

  • Unique to Irish market, consumer can purchase the satellite service without contract and no monthly bills to pay thereafter.

  • Launched by Irish Power Products (IPP) in conjunction with Alba plc, a major distributor of consumer electronics in the UK.

  • There are two versions of Sat4Free, the standard definition (SD) digital box and then there is the High Definition (HD) digital box. Programmes from the BBC and ITV come in HD.

  • Installation of the digital box is included in the price of the box itself.

  • The Sat4Fee digital box is available at selected Tesco stores, Atlantic Homecare, Woodies DIY and Powercity throughout the country.

  • By the end of 2008, Sat4Free will have over 140 television and radio channels and interactive services.

  • There are additional features that include a 7day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) so you can see on screen the TV channel line-up for the next 7 days.

Blackberry Storm is the iPhone Killer?

Blackberry Storm will arrive in Ireland in late Nov/Early Dec

Many of our listeners have been asking about release dates for the Blackberry Storm. Well it will be available in Ireland in Late Nov/Early Dec (aka Dec). Whats this rumpus? This is RIMs first touchscreen device, widely touted as the iPhone Killer (hmmm not without a decent data plan). Its being distributed by Vodaphone in Ireland so could we see a faceoff of the smart touchscreen phones. Reviews of the Storm have been pretty positive to date and we hope to get one ourselves to give it the Newstalk going over.

Its a “clickthrough” screen meaning you have to actually press hard enough to click to activate the onscreen buttons, sounds weird but most commentators say it works quite well and is more “buttony” than the iPhone.

Lets see what the price looks like. In the UK they are quoting £35 a month and free to purchase.

What will we put up with here?

Flickrvision – Watch the world Taking photographs

Realtime view of people taking and uploading photographs on the web. Fascinating to watch. A new photo popsup every few seconds you’ll never know where. Click 3-D view to see the world spin as a globe as new photos appear. launches is a website for the irish gadget geek. It only launched today but we are expecting great things from the SiliconRepublic stable. We definitely need a review site that covers specifically whats available in Ireland, priced in Euro and where can we get it.

Microsoft Bizspark launches

Microsoft has always had a good offering for startups but BizSpark makes it even better. You get all Microsofts development and server software, marketing support, promotions and production hosting for your product on the Microsoft Azure grid. Its totally free. I know we give MS a lot of stick for Vista but this is a great program for Irish startups.  To enroll you need to be endorsed by,

ChangingWorlds gets bought by Amdocs for 60m

Another Irish success story hot on the heels of PollDaddy’s acquisition by  AmDocs has bought ChangingWorlds for 60m in cash. ChangingWorlds has a product called cliksmart that allows Mobile operators to tune menu selections to users needs based on things they have chosen in the past.

Obama – The first president to use the power of social networks to get elected

NY Times talks about how Obama outsmarted the republican party by shrewd use of social networks (facebook, twitter, YouTube, to combat sleaze, raise money and leverage key influencers. Obama will change how campaigns are run in the futre.

Windows 7

Will fix all that ails you regarding Vista. It uses less memory, doesn’t destroy your will to leave with security warnings and has nicer desktop apps, we can’t wait!

Microsoft World Wide Telescope

We really like this. A free download which gives you the whole world of space at your finger tips including all the major constellations, manned missions, unmanned missions etc. All in beautiful high def colour.

Windows only, though, hey, this is Microsoft Research 🙂, PutPlace Promotion and Skype Out – Building a better search engine

If you want to try out visit

PutPlace – A Free Offer for Newstalk Listeners

PutPlace launched its paying service quietly last week. offers secure online backup for home users so they can keep their valuable photos, music, documents and videos safe from disk crashes, theft, coffee spills and computer viruses.

Normal users get a 30 day  trial and then must signup for the full paying service. But The Right Hook listeners can avail of a free service from now until Christmas fby  registering using the promotion code “hookie”. See

for all the details.

Three – Call Phones abroad with Skype

The new Skype service from Three allows you to “Call Phones Abroad” using Skype. The cost for these calls is deducted from your Skype credit immediately after the call terminates so you call immiediately work out the costs. Some minor gotchas to the service,

  • Skype Out addresses in your Skype addressbook do not appear on your phone. Instead you use the “Call phones Abroad” menu entry (bottom left of the Skype phone application). This allows you to look up numbers in your local address book on your phone.
  • Call credit on Skype expires if no calls are made in an 180 day period, so make sure not to lodge too much credit if you don’t plan to use the service regularily
  • Call quality can be patchy as you are using the Skype network

Note: You do not incur data-plan charges when you use the Skype service on Three.

Zyliss Potato Peeler – I want one

Saving Money with Technology

Imagine offering free broadband for phone call usage

Imagine is offering free 3MB broadband circuits for business users that make over 125 euros worth of phone calls a month when purchasing their phone package.

Barcamp Cork is on the 1st November

Barcamp is coming back to Cork on the 1st of Nov. Head on over to and register.

Facebook is Opening its International HQ in Ireland

Another coup for the IDA in persuading Facebook to come to Ireland. The ability to wash their European profits through a 12.5% tax regime has to help. Apparently their is 70 jobs in int.

RealDVD – The Game is on

We spoke a few weeks ago about RealDVD, an apparently legal way to rip/copy your DVDs for home user and storage. Well the studios have another idea and have gone all legal on Real Networks ass. The punch will continue for quite some time. Studios are apoplectic about the opportunities to “Rent and Rip”, Real Networks says it doesn’t remove the copy protection.

Cheap ways to save money online for businesses

  • Google Apps for Domains – Setup up your email, calendar, messaging, docs and spreadsheets for free
  • Get on the Internet with a business site for 4.95 a month with Blacknight. Automatic installation and upgrade for all your favourite internet packages
  • Install Skype and get free phonecalls on any PC to anybody else with Skype installed
  • Change your mobile phone provider (anybody who signed a deal in the last year is probably paying more than they should)
  • Don’t buy a new PC, just add more memory at (simple memory upgrades)
  • Install OpenOffice instead of upgrading to Office 2007, its no harder to learn and you’ll save yourself a fortune in License fees

cheap calls and carbon footprints

Cheap Calls is the place to get your SIM Card to enable up to 80% reductions in your  calls home from overseas.

To make cheap calls from Ireland to overseas locations he recommends RebTel allows you to call your overseas friends through a local number with sharply reduced rates.

Elonex WebBook

379 euros from the Carphone Warehouse.
80GB hard disk and 512MB of RAM. (Compared to 4GB solid state disk for eee-PC).
2.5 hrs battery life.
Lovely small form factor PC.
Nice keyboard but needs larger space bar and backspace key.
No Firefox or Skype (preinstalled on eee-PC).
Nice big hard-disk (but not solid state).
Heavier than eee-PC.

A great ultra portable PC if you need a lot of hard disk space.

If the World Could Vote

Nice site that offers a poll offering a choice between McCain and Obama.  So far Obama has 86% of the vote. thats 79,000+ votes across 167 countries.

Track your carbon footprint with your Phone

Carbon Diem (Carpe Diem, geddit) will track and report and automatically calculate your you carbon footprint using your mobile phone. Its 100% accurate on trains and planes and about 65-75% accurate on cars and buses. The main thing is you don’t have to spend the rest of life typing stuff into a manual carbon calculator.

Archos Personal DVR – Not quite Soup

Archos 705 WIFI Personal Video Player

I looked at the Archos 705 WIFI Personal Video Player today. Bit of breach of the trades descriptions act their, it barely does WIFI and kept dropping my home network (in a location where my Sony VAIO Laptop happily gets a full signal).

There’s worse to come though, it won’t play any video format files without buying another piece of software, the DVD plugin which will cost you another 20 euros on top of the 360+ euros you dropped to buy the player in the first place. Its like buying an iPod and having to shell out more money to listen to music. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous hoops you have to go through to give them your money, including entering two weird keys and making sure to pick the right model number.

Consumer electronics must succeed on three counts,

  • Save you time or save you money
  • Win on usability and convenience
  • Do what they say on the box

The Archos WIFI Personal Video Player is an Epic Fail on all three counts.

Picasa Will Group your Images

A new feature soon to be launched on Picasa Web Albums (The Google photo sharing service) will group your photos based on the image contents.

Robot Skeleton helps paralysed Walk

Amazing technology to help people paralysed from the waist down walk with with aid of a robotic frame that the user straps into. We are designed to be upright and this device removes the problems associated with wheel chair use

Making sure you own your Digital Music

Yahoo announced the shutdown of its Yahoo music last week and with that exposed some of the problems of Digital Rights Management software. DRM as it is known is designed to impose controls on how you use digital content over and above those currently imposed by standard copyright law.

These controls can have to unintended effect of removing some of the rights you should be entitled to. There are several locations that Irish users can obtain DRM free music,

  • Napster : The site that kicked off the whole music sharing problem is now legal and DRM free
  • 7Digital : The Warner Bros music collection
  • Amazon : (for US users currently, but hopefully the rest of us someday
  • : A new irish site for music users with a large collection of online music

To strip off Apple’s DRM simply following their instructions for making a CD, and then import that CD again. Make can turn up the audio quality on the Preferences panel for importing in iTunes.

Engadget has all the good juice on how to get your Music of your iPod if you’ve lost your original iTunes library or PC/Mac storage device.

Social Networks and VideoJug

Today we had Niall Larkin from Relevant Media on the show to talk about Social Networking. Niall has been working in this space for several years now and has a few plans for help address the concerns around, privacy, reputation and identity. All will be revealed at a later date.

We talked about the unintended consequences of events on your social network leaking into the real world and Niall recounted two recent incidents, the FaceBook Fatwa, and the Beacon engagement ring debacle.

People forget, but the web doesn’t.

We finished up with a look at the online video teaching site. Watch how to fold a tee-shirt in two seconds.

How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds