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Sony VAIO-P The Rolls Royce of Netbooks

I took the sexy svelte Sony VAIO-P out for a spin over the last few days.

This is a very slick, amazing piece of work from Sony. A luscious high resolution screen combined with a really great keyboard. Did I say it was compact? This thing is really compact. It fitted comfortably into the inside pocket of my short jacket.

Compare the sizes…

This thing is neat.

It comes with all the usual WIFI, Bluetooth technology and this model had the 60GB disk (which of course is actual a 55GB disk after formatting). It has got two USB ports and a little dongle to add an external screen and an ethernet connection. The press release also promised 3G connectivity but it wasn’t a feature on my model (which I’m guess was pre-release given its VGN-XXXX model number). 3G would really put the icing on the connectivity cake.

It comes with Vista by default which means performance is pretty awful for all the usual Vista reasons. It would be much more usable with Windows-XP or Linux. I expect Windows 7 would be pretty snappy as well.

And now the bad news. These babies will set up back between 1100 and 1600 euros depending on configuration. No wonder they don’t want us calling it a Netbook ‘cos those sure ain’t netbook prices.

A great little machine, but that price will need a 50% discount to take a bite of the new hot Netbook market that is all the rage in 2009.