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The INQ Social Phone and iTunes Duplicate Removal

I’ve been using Three’s new Social Networking INQ mobile phone for the past week or so. Pretty funky, in a walled garden kind of way . So out of the box (for 79 euro pay as you go) you get a mobile phone with full integration into Bebo, Facebook, Skype and Windows Messenger.

None of these services impose a data fee for Internet access so these services are essentially free, once you stump up for the price of the phone and any calls you make on it.

Facebook social network integration (I presume bebo is the same, but I don’t have  bebo account) means you get real-time status updates and messages and are able to respond online. Similarily with Skype. Facebook integration allows very simple publishing of photos to the Facebook photo site.

Both the Skype and Facebook contact lists are integrated into a single contacts list so you can choose to contact people using a free service as opposed to a paid text or phone call.

The device itself was commission for Three specifically so doesn’t come with any branding other than the Three logo and you won’t find it on any other network.

Whats missing? Well twitter integration would be nice and the camera is a low res 3.2MP and the optics are average to poor. Getting you existing contacts onto will also be a trial if like me your address won’t all fit onto an existing SIM.

Apart from those minor hiccups this is a great way to keep your favourite social network updated in real time.

Remove Your Duplicate Songs from iTunes

This article talks about a manual method that doesn’t require software. It first removes the duplicate links and then gives some advice on remove the actual duplicate files. Its a bit brute force for my liking (all that copying libraries seems a bit risky).

These are more detailed instructions that warn about accidentally deleting duplicates that aren’t actually duplicates.

If you are on a Mac you should also try out this Dupin script, which does a lot of the heavy lifting.

Here is the official line from Apple, but beware you make eliminate duplicates that aren’t duplicates following these instructions (find duplicates finds by track name, so may find the same track on different albums).

Clone Remover (for Windows) looks like a more generic solution to duplicate files, but has a specific iTunes mode. This is trial ware and will cost you $32 eventually.

Finally Tune Up is free for 30 days and does the same thing.


Making sure you own your Digital Music

Yahoo announced the shutdown of its Yahoo music last week and with that exposed some of the problems of Digital Rights Management software. DRM as it is known is designed to impose controls on how you use digital content over and above those currently imposed by standard copyright law.

These controls can have to unintended effect of removing some of the rights you should be entitled to. There are several locations that Irish users can obtain DRM free music,

  • Napster : The site that kicked off the whole music sharing problem is now legal and DRM free
  • 7Digital : The Warner Bros music collection
  • Amazon : (for US users currently, but hopefully the rest of us someday
  • : A new irish site for music users with a large collection of online music

To strip off Apple’s DRM simply following their instructions for making a CD, and then import that CD again. Make can turn up the audio quality on the Preferences panel for importing in iTunes.

Engadget has all the good juice on how to get your Music of your iPod if you’ve lost your original iTunes library or PC/Mac storage device.