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competition winners and TV on your mobile

Competition Winner – SnowGirl from Thurles

SnowGirl from Thurles wins this weeks prize (a Sony Ericsson w880i and a set of Klipsch Headphones) for a review of the new Sony Ericsson C905 phone.
Next weeks prize is the Sony Ericsson C902 (The Bond Phone). Whip over to and post your review and remember to tag it with “therighthook”.
Big shout out to for the providing the phones as prizes and Klipsch for the headphones.

Getting TV on your Mobile Phone

A listener asked last week about getting TV on their mobile phone. Turns out there are two devices that can support this, the Slingmedia Sling Box and the Hauppauge WinTV HVR 1950. Both these devices will capture live TV signals and allow you you watch remotely on any Internet device (including a mobile phone). You will need to fiddle with your firewall and make sure that you are on a flat rate plan for mobile access (such as the iPhone plan).
We will try and get review copies and try this out in the coming weeks.

Peek Email wins Wired Best Device of 2008

Just email. No camera, no phone, a full keyboard and a portable device that does email. Wired liked it enough to award it the best gadget of 2008 award.

Nokia Stress Tests for their Phones

Rain, gels, bending, humdity drop tests are all what your Nokia phone gets exposed to in the Nokia test labs.

Google adds SearchWiki

Google now allow customisation of search results. You can choose with result to retain, which to ignore and reassign the order. look for the arrows and crosses beside the search results. You will need to be logged in for it to start working.

Finally Somebody comes to their Senses on Packaging

Amazon is leading the charge on eliminating blister packs (yeah, I got them blisters) and ties straps.  6000 people are injured every year in the US opening dopey impregnable vendor packaging. Smyths toys, are you listening?

Which Best Buy – Sony Portable DVD Player – Sony DVP-FX720

Which did a review of the best portable DVD player recently (a must have if you are travelling with Children).  The Winner was the Sony DVP-FX720. Key features include low disk noise, 4.5 hour battery life, and great sound if you use and external headset.