About The Right Hook

This blog is for material associated with The Right Hook Radio show on Newstalk. Currently this blog is focussed on the Monday night technology slot.


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  1. Póló on

    Could you please put a redirect here
    to this site.

    Thank You

  2. Póló on

    I’m not really clear on what this site is supposed to be. It appears to be a tech marketing site. I thought the original idea of George having a site was to follow up on the issues he raised in the course of his programmes.

    Originally, he appears to have had a site set up for him without his realising the amount of input that would be required from his side. That site withered on the vine.

    Now we have this site which seems to have a fairly narrow focus.

    Is there another site which actually follows up on his items and acts as an adjunct to his programme generally. I only ask because it’s a great programme and it’s a pity it doesn’t have a general blog adjunct.

  3. Joe on


    This blog is specifically for the Technology Slot on Monday nights. Hopefully we can encourage other segments to contribute entries and drop the tech slot only moniker.


  4. Póló on

    That would be good.

    Congrats on your tech slot which I listen to enthusiastically.

    My remarks were just broader based.

  5. Shane on

    I think that witter would be better for George than a blog:
    1) He could write about subjects as he discusses them on the show.

    2) As each message is no longer than an SMS, it requires little effort.

    3) It would be in real time.

    4) Non-tech subjects could be discussed

    5) He could interact with listeners.

  6. boardtc on

    Last night it was promised some stuff would be on the web a few hours after the show, yet the last post here is over a moth ago. Please don’t promise if there is no follow through.

  7. Lee-Loi Chieng on

    I really enjoy your podcasts. But i have a problem when you answer to questions. The first one is in your older podcast you said to contact microsoft as they are extremely helpful. They are not helpful at all. When it comes to activations it becomes difficult when you change the motherboard on your computer. The 2nd thing is that apple blocks flash on the iPhone OS is because it’s too power resourceful and adobe in the past bringing flash to mac was awful. Why else do you think HTML5 is coming. HMTL5 will do what flash does. The next thing is your podcast seems to be very Microsoft/Windows centric. Have a few mac segments for Apple geeks like us.

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