Firebox Arcade Game is a Bust but MAME Player Rules

I mentioned a site to listeners last week called that use to sell full sized arcade consoles (the old school upright consoles you used to find in those sleazy arcades up and down O’Connell St in Dublin).

Well that sites a bust, but with a little bit of Googling I came across this site,  Games Cabinet Inc. however don’t expect to see much change out of 3000 euro for most of the kit here.

On the other hand you can download a MAME ( Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) from Now type “mame defender” into google to get the MAME version of the classic William’s game of Defender for your emulation. Drop that zip file into the rom directory of the mame emulator and your are ready to inflict massive alien casualties. Similar searches will find you other game classics like Donkey Kong, Battlezone and of course Space Invaders.

May the force be with you.


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  1. Will Knott on

    Or you could create a mame machine and build your own cabinet.
    The Systm video blog showed a home build (step by step) guide on how to do it, and showed the fun (and mayhem) of power tools along the way.

    Its episodes 24-28

  2. derryo on

    Just checking. Did you set up your Twitter account yet? seems there’s imposters around. A blog post here would settle it.

  3. Joe on


  4. derryo on

    Great stuff. That removes all doubt. Cheers

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