Reviews Galore

Review – Sony EBook Reader

A flawed masterpiece. The idea of carrying a hundred books with me is appealing and the reader is certainly the right size, but at first blush it suffers from the tinkerers dilemma, too many buttons. What do I press next. Also the click feedback on the buttons is very poor and requires quite a finger to activate. screen contrast is okay, but some kind of backlight is required and didn’t seem to be present on the 505 model.
Finally the screen flashes in a really annoying way during page transitions.
Verdict : THis is a 1.0 product and unless you have a compelling need to carry electronic books, wait until the next version.

Review – Samsung Omnia

We really like Samsung’s new phones. The Omnia is the big brother of the Tocco (which we gave away last week). Comes with a similar 5MP camera but this model has WIFI, GPS, 5MP camera, touch screen. Windows Mobile can compete with the iPhone just about. Keyboard typing is impossible without the “so easy to loose” stylus.

Review – Sony Wireless Walkman

A lovely device, very light, Nice clear screen. Lots of buttons. Needed to get the manual out to pair the headphones (this is always the case with bluetooth, a very user unfriendly protocol).
Key highlights,

  • 4GB capacity (around 2400 songs or 15 hours of video)
  • 36 hour battery life (right, lets say 24!)
  • Doesn’t display AVI files or .WMV files so bugger all use for video (boo!)
  • Speakers are very good
  • Music gets on via drag and drop the music management software that comes with the software is pretty dire

The bluetooth is a winner and if you demand a wireless life then this device is a winner. but its got a long way to go to compete with the simplicity of the iPod.

Review – Philips Wireless Digital PhotoFrame

Loved the idea a photoframe that circulates through your photos displaying them. Falls down in a few critical areas though.

  • Setup: Required the manual, always a FAIL. It uses Windows Media Player to access your photographs and the setup is counter-intuitive.
  • It doesn’t support the simplest way to bung photos into a photo frame, which is to plug in a USB key with a bunch of photos on it
  • It doesn’t have battery support so you need to be near a plug
  • You can plug in the SD card straight from your camera which gives a nice instant satisfaction thing

It needs good quality pictures to look its best (e.g. 4 MP and up) older camera phone images will look grainy when upscaled.

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  1. Póló on

    Not sure where a comment like this should go. Perhaps someone would transfer it to the appropriate thread.

    7 January 2009 17:59 – listening to the Right Hook.

    Anyone who gives any credence to a commentary which describes Gazprom as a commercial enterprise needs an induction course.

  2. Póló on

    Re films made in their native language. Programme mentioned Das Bot in German.

    What about Tora Tora Tora made in English (American) and Japanese with appropriate subtitles?

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