Blackberry Storm is the iPhone Killer?

Blackberry Storm will arrive in Ireland in late Nov/Early Dec

Many of our listeners have been asking about release dates for the Blackberry Storm. Well it will be available in Ireland in Late Nov/Early Dec (aka Dec). Whats this rumpus? This is RIMs first touchscreen device, widely touted as the iPhone Killer (hmmm not without a decent data plan). Its being distributed by Vodaphone in Ireland so could we see a faceoff of the smart touchscreen phones. Reviews of the Storm have been pretty positive to date and we hope to get one ourselves to give it the Newstalk going over.

Its a “clickthrough” screen meaning you have to actually press hard enough to click to activate the onscreen buttons, sounds weird but most commentators say it works quite well and is more “buttony” than the iPhone.

Lets see what the price looks like. In the UK they are quoting £35 a month and free to purchase.

What will we put up with here?

Flickrvision – Watch the world Taking photographs

Realtime view of people taking and uploading photographs on the web. Fascinating to watch. A new photo popsup every few seconds you’ll never know where. Click 3-D view to see the world spin as a globe as new photos appear. launches is a website for the irish gadget geek. It only launched today but we are expecting great things from the SiliconRepublic stable. We definitely need a review site that covers specifically whats available in Ireland, priced in Euro and where can we get it.

Microsoft Bizspark launches

Microsoft has always had a good offering for startups but BizSpark makes it even better. You get all Microsofts development and server software, marketing support, promotions and production hosting for your product on the Microsoft Azure grid. Its totally free. I know we give MS a lot of stick for Vista but this is a great program for Irish startups.  To enroll you need to be endorsed by,

ChangingWorlds gets bought by Amdocs for 60m

Another Irish success story hot on the heels of PollDaddy’s acquisition by  AmDocs has bought ChangingWorlds for 60m in cash. ChangingWorlds has a product called cliksmart that allows Mobile operators to tune menu selections to users needs based on things they have chosen in the past.

Obama – The first president to use the power of social networks to get elected

NY Times talks about how Obama outsmarted the republican party by shrewd use of social networks (facebook, twitter, YouTube, to combat sleaze, raise money and leverage key influencers. Obama will change how campaigns are run in the futre.

Windows 7

Will fix all that ails you regarding Vista. It uses less memory, doesn’t destroy your will to leave with security warnings and has nicer desktop apps, we can’t wait!

Microsoft World Wide Telescope

We really like this. A free download which gives you the whole world of space at your finger tips including all the major constellations, manned missions, unmanned missions etc. All in beautiful high def colour.

Windows only, though, hey, this is Microsoft Research 🙂


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