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If you want to try out visit

PutPlace – A Free Offer for Newstalk Listeners

PutPlace launched its paying service quietly last week. offers secure online backup for home users so they can keep their valuable photos, music, documents and videos safe from disk crashes, theft, coffee spills and computer viruses.

Normal users get a 30 day  trial and then must signup for the full paying service. But The Right Hook listeners can avail of a free service from now until Christmas fby  registering using the promotion code “hookie”. See

for all the details.

Three – Call Phones abroad with Skype

The new Skype service from Three allows you to “Call Phones Abroad” using Skype. The cost for these calls is deducted from your Skype credit immediately after the call terminates so you call immiediately work out the costs. Some minor gotchas to the service,

  • Skype Out addresses in your Skype addressbook do not appear on your phone. Instead you use the “Call phones Abroad” menu entry (bottom left of the Skype phone application). This allows you to look up numbers in your local address book on your phone.
  • Call credit on Skype expires if no calls are made in an 180 day period, so make sure not to lodge too much credit if you don’t plan to use the service regularily
  • Call quality can be patchy as you are using the Skype network

Note: You do not incur data-plan charges when you use the Skype service on Three.

Zyliss Potato Peeler – I want one


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