Saving Money with Technology

Imagine offering free broadband for phone call usage

Imagine is offering free 3MB broadband circuits for business users that make over 125 euros worth of phone calls a month when purchasing their phone package.

Barcamp Cork is on the 1st November

Barcamp is coming back to Cork on the 1st of Nov. Head on over to and register.

Facebook is Opening its International HQ in Ireland

Another coup for the IDA in persuading Facebook to come to Ireland. The ability to wash their European profits through a 12.5% tax regime has to help. Apparently their is 70 jobs in int.

RealDVD – The Game is on

We spoke a few weeks ago about RealDVD, an apparently legal way to rip/copy your DVDs for home user and storage. Well the studios have another idea and have gone all legal on Real Networks ass. The punch will continue for quite some time. Studios are apoplectic about the opportunities to “Rent and Rip”, Real Networks says it doesn’t remove the copy protection.

Cheap ways to save money online for businesses

  • Google Apps for Domains – Setup up your email, calendar, messaging, docs and spreadsheets for free
  • Get on the Internet with a business site for 4.95 a month with Blacknight. Automatic installation and upgrade for all your favourite internet packages
  • Install Skype and get free phonecalls on any PC to anybody else with Skype installed
  • Change your mobile phone provider (anybody who signed a deal in the last year is probably paying more than they should)
  • Don’t buy a new PC, just add more memory at (simple memory upgrades)
  • Install OpenOffice instead of upgrading to Office 2007, its no harder to learn and you’ll save yourself a fortune in License fees

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