cheap calls and carbon footprints

Cheap Calls is the place to get your SIM Card to enable up to 80% reductions in your  calls home from overseas.

To make cheap calls from Ireland to overseas locations he recommends RebTel allows you to call your overseas friends through a local number with sharply reduced rates.

Elonex WebBook

379 euros from the Carphone Warehouse.
80GB hard disk and 512MB of RAM. (Compared to 4GB solid state disk for eee-PC).
2.5 hrs battery life.
Lovely small form factor PC.
Nice keyboard but needs larger space bar and backspace key.
No Firefox or Skype (preinstalled on eee-PC).
Nice big hard-disk (but not solid state).
Heavier than eee-PC.

A great ultra portable PC if you need a lot of hard disk space.

If the World Could Vote

Nice site that offers a poll offering a choice between McCain and Obama.  So far Obama has 86% of the vote. thats 79,000+ votes across 167 countries.

Track your carbon footprint with your Phone

Carbon Diem (Carpe Diem, geddit) will track and report and automatically calculate your you carbon footprint using your mobile phone. Its 100% accurate on trains and planes and about 65-75% accurate on cars and buses. The main thing is you don’t have to spend the rest of life typing stuff into a manual carbon calculator.


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